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About docUmods and Default Mitigation Management LLC

Who We Are

Default Mitigation Management LLC (DMM) specializes in loan modifications.  DMM pioneered  online loss mitigation services having built the first and only comprehensive loan modification portal - the DMM Portal (  At DMM, we have reviewed and processed tens of thousands of loan modification applications.  Our systems are used by courts throughout the country.  This hands-on experience enables us to expertly guide our clients throughout the process.


Why We Do It

Documentation issues are often the root cause behind loan modification failures.  That's because each borrower's package is as unique as the borrower themselves and requires very specific forms and supporting documentation that are time-sensitive.  Failure to provide just one document can result in a rejected review.  Add to that the ever-evolving documentation requirements and the poor communication and it's no wonder there are issues.  DMM believes both borrower and servicer benefit from an accurate package.  The loan modification process is difficult enough.  Document preparation should be easy.  


How We Do It

docUmods makes preparing loan modification packages easy.  Our easy to follow step-by-step wizard will ask you clear and understandable questions that are customized just for you.  We'll even provide you with detailed instructions and tips on each screen so you know exactly what's needed.   You don't have to know or understand loan modifications or the documents needed.  Based on your answers, the required documents will be completed for you.  You'll even get a checklist with a list of all personal information you'll need to include in your package.  Just sign, date and send.


How We Are Different 

There are many people and programs claiming to be able to help you with your modification.  Truth is most don't understand the process.  Most programs give you generic forms and lists and/or half completed forms that aren't needed.  No one does what docUmods does - prepare your package for you from start to finish.  With docUmods, you can leverage DMM's extensive industry experience to get your docs done right.  

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need to contact us, please call 1-800-481-1013 or email us.

DMM Portal

If you'd like to use DMM's industry leading portal to submit your completed documentation directly to your servicer, click here.  It's Free!